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When The "Groaning" Time Comes (Part 2)

Alicia, Caleb, and Pastor Mark talk about encouragement from Romans 8:26-30.

When the "Groaning" Times Come

Mark Carey elaborates on Romans Chapter 8, and "groaning" with Mark Francis and Ben Sanford as hosts.

Endure Through Suffering

Pastor Mark talks with Alicia and Caleb about adoption, being an heir of God, and endurance through suffering.

Romans 8: The Chapter of Chapters

Pastor Mark Carey, Caleb Pearson, and Alicia Battaglia talk about the path to victory and setting our minds on the Spirit.

God is in Control. We Have the Spirit.

The host trio meets online to discuss the sermon and its implications on Election Day!

The Embodiment of Love

Pastor Dennis joins us for our final recap of the Law before we set our sights on Romans 8.

The Law and the Spirit

Dennis McNutt joins Sermon Spotlight to discuss the law of the Old Testament and the implications of the newness of the Spirit.

Truth Must Be Admitted

Special Guest John Avery - our Pastor of Family Life, joins the Sermon Spotlight Squad to discuss the encouragements that rest within Romans 7.

The Great Awakening

Caleb Pearson, Mark Francis, and Alicia Battaglia discuss with Mark Carey the basis of law, and Christian perspective on current lawlessness.

Released from the Law

Caleb Pearson, Mark Francis, and Alicia Battaglia discuss with Mark Carey what it means to be released from the law.

Grace Abounds More

The full Sermon Spotlight Squad prepares for Romans 7 with the hard-hitting GRACE we have "under new management."

Not Under Law, but Under Grace

Caleb, Alicia and the Marks discuss Romans 6:14, and what it means to be "not under the law, but under grace."

FBC's 40th

The full Sermon Spotlight panel discusses the wonderful weekend and the road ahead.

Instruments for Righteousness

Caleb and the Marks discuss Romans 6, and go every-which way to explore what it means to be Christ’s.

Sin No Longer Reigns

Caleb, Mark, and Alicia discuss the application of Romans 6! Specifically in regards to FBC’s 40th anniversary, community group conversation, and the importance of letting God impact every aspect of our lives!

Who are you?

Discussion of our identity outlined in the initial verses of Romans 6: "In Adam" verses "In Christ"

The Dangers of Spiritual Infancy

The build-up to Romans 6 has begun! Caleb and the Marks break this down.

The Fullness of God

We discuss the sermon Mark Carey gave "The Church: God's Family in a Fallen World - Part 11 - A Second Prayer for FBC" covering Ephesians 3:14-19

Experiencing God

Back in the booth, Caleb and the Marks take on Paul's prayer for the Church!

The Fragrant Church

Caleb is back with Alicia and Mark to discuss Psalm 133 and what's to come at Fellowship!

The Discerning Church

Mark, Alicia, and Don discuss the latest weekend at FBC!

The Alert Church

Pastor Don joins Caleb and Mark to discuss 1 Thessalonians, the outdoor 4th of July service, the theology of food, and more!

We Have Put Off the Old Self!

Ephesians 4 is huge! As we wrap up our time with Pastor John, your Sermon Spotlight squad talks through the identity truths and the importance of LANGUAGE when addressing Sanctification.

The Principle of Personalization

Caleb, Mark, and Pastor John echo some awesome sentiments about Ephesians 4 and the significance of "each" of us in God's plan!

"Prisoners" of the Lord?

We welcome Pastor John to discuss Ephesians 4, The tension in the world, and more!

Glory to God

GLORY to GOD! Outdoor Service #2 was a doozie! 2 Cor 3, Hebrews 10

One Week at a Time

The Sermon Spotlight squad debriefs the monumental outdoor service, the Lord's Supper, and more!

The Church as a Family

Your Sermon Spotlight Squad discusses the re-gathering, and gathering to come!

Life and Death

Dennis joins the squad to talk about LIFE - Knowing Christ!

The Curse and The Cure

Caleb, Alicia, and the Marks talk about the Age of Accountability, the gusto behind Romans 5, and where the local church is headed in the weeks to come.

Jesus Bridged the Gap

Caleb, Alicia, and Mark discuss Romans 5 and the creative arts team!

Know. Believe. Experience.

Caleb, Alicia, and the Marks continue discussing Romans 5 and how Spiritual Weightlifting is very much a thing!

An Inventory of Blessings

Caleb, Alicia, and the Marks are back at it again with a ZOOMLight discussion of Romans 5, Mark Carey's singing voice, and more!

From Nebraska to Judea - FAITH

Caleb, The Marks, and Alicia - the glue that holds it all together - debrief and discuss the last few crazy weeks!

Sermon Zoomlight - Hebrews 11

Caleb, Mark, and Alicia are joined by Pastor Don to discuss faith in promises, pastoral care, and more!

Sermon ZOOMLight - Faith in Romans 4

"For the promise to Abraham and his offspring that he would be the heir of the world did not come through the law but through the righteousness of faith." Romans 4:13

It's All About Faith

Caleb and the Marks do a Corona-Check In and discuss the significance of Romans 4

An Anchored and Connected Church

What do we do in the midst of a pandemic?


Depravity, Disease, and Deliverance!

Religious Sinners Beware!

Caleb, Mark, and Alicia discuss the spiritual impact of Romans 2 on the “committed” believer.

Want to hear more from Christopher Yuan?

How do we suppress the Truth?

Caleb, Mark, and Ashton address a few questions from people of Fellowship regarding the latest sermon in our “Rescued: A Study of Romans” series.

What’s to come in 2020?

The trio is back together to discuss the year ahead, our new Romans sermon series, and the importance of our new churchwide Focus: “Identity and Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective.”

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